Grinnell College Gumball Challenge Commences!

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The Gumball Capital Challenge has officially started! 8 teams of student entrepreneurs are competing to be Gumball Champions; check out their ideas and give them your support!

See below for the eight teams (in alphabetical order) and their ideas!
1. Breakfast in Bob’s

Connor Schake ’14, Joe Harris ’14 and Meg Rudy ’14 are offering a scrumptious Sunday morning breakfast in Bob’s, ensuring that you won’t go hungry before the dining hall opens.

2. Bunt Cakes

Julie Bunt ’13 is selling delicious baked goods, including cupcakes, cookies and Oreo cheesecake, as well as organic dog treats for your canine friends. Buy them during meals or submit an order.

3. Feelin’ Stressed?

Mackenzie Shanahan ’14 is giving back massages outside of the dining hall as a much-needed way for students to de-stress during the day.

4. Fro-NaNas!

Glenda Lopez ’12, Emma Rellegert ’12, JoJo Ju ’12, David Cummings ’12 and Mary Rellegert ’13 are selling frozen bananas covered in chocolate with a variety of toppings as a great spring-time treat!

5. Hey You, Buy Our Stuff

Ellie Honan ’14, Eva Metz ’14 and Carissa Shoemaker ’14 are selling unique homemade snacks and beverages around campus including sweet sticky rice and dandelion tea.

6. Pins for Love

Max Mindock ’15 and Sinan Goral ’15 are making stylish ‘Self Gov’ pins out of poker chips, a favorite from last semester.

7. Shakin’ It Up

Stephanie Porter ’14 and Mariam Asaad ’14 are setting up a smoothie and milkshake stand, offering yummy drinks for warm spring days

8. Shots^5

Grace Philipp ’12 is selling ‘No Limits’ shot-glasses that are sure to become a classic Grinnell College souvenir.

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