Grinnell College Gumball Challenge

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Starting on Monday, April 2, the Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell will be accepting applications for Round Two of the Grinnell College Gumball Challenge! In this exciting opportunity, based on the original Gumball Challenge invented at Stanford University, Grinnell students create a business plan and are given a $50 loan to put their entrepreneurial ideas into practice.

Blog post, Nicaragua, 3-23-2012

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Blog post, Nicaragua, 3-23-2012 Kathy Andersen ‘13   Greetings from Nicaragua! Grace Philipp ’12 and I are in Nicaragua for ten days visiting our international loan partners and investigating new partnerships. It’s a great experience to get to see our partners in person and also to see first-hand the area and the people the loans are affecting.

White House Blog: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty, Micofinancing a Community

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Washington, D.C. March 15, 2012 SEG member Grace Philipp has a blog post on the White House’s website! Philipp participated in a panel discussion at the White House about social entrepreneurship on college campuses on Thursday, as part of the recognition of with fellow SEG members Kyle Walters, Kathy Andersen, Caitlin Deutsch, Noah Most, and Rebecca Mandt in the audience.

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