SEG Alumni

Jeff Raderstrong (‘09, Economics, Global Development Studies) had the original idea to raise money around campus for micro-loans on in the Spring of 2007. Once he saw the overwhelming response he and the other founding members received from the dorm to dorm collecting, he established SEG as a student group and became its first facilitator. Jeff oversaw SEG’s first direct partnership to Centro Promocional Cristiano in the Fall of 2007, helped SEG move away from a reliance on Kiva, and worked on the subcommittee to establish its nonprofit status.

Emily Kugisaki (‘09, Philosophy), a founding member of SEG, focused on strengthening connections between the group and greater community through fundraising efforts, membership expansion, and educational outreach. Serving as a co-facilitator in the Fall of 2008, Emily played an active role in the group’s obtainment of official nonprofit status through collaboratively drafting SEG’s first charter, mission statement, and trustee handbook. During her time as a student teacher, Emily facilitated a partnership between SEG and a nearby middle school by designing and teaching a lesson on microfinance, allowing students to take part in SEG’s lending activities on

Mark Root-Wiley (’09, Sociology), a founding member of SEG, filled many roles in his time with the organization. Mark designed the SEG logo and website, served as an ad hoc technical advisor, and helped set up SEG’s second international loan to an organization in Malawi. Later, Mark served as co-managing director with Emily Kugisaki for the Fall 2008 semester and worked with the 501(c)3 subcommittee to get SEG official non-profit status.

Harry Kresja (’10, Political Science) helped SEG secure funding and support from Grinnell College’s administration, student government, board of trustees, and community at large during its early days as an organization. While serving as managing director in 2008 and 2009, Harry oversaw the standardization of application forms, loan contracts, and applicant evaluation processes as the group moved away from Kiva and started seeking out direct partnerships. Afterward, Harry worked with the 501(c)3 transition committee to help SEG navigate its way through the tax code to official non-profit status. After graduating, Harry moved to Washington, D.C. and to work as a management consultant for government clients and specializing in agencies that deal with international affairs and development.

Jamie Zwiebel (’08, Spanish) connected SEG to Centro Promocional Cristiano (CPC) in San Ramon, Nicaragua. CPC was SEG’s first direct international partnership and marked its departure from solely using Now, CPC has successfully paid back their loan and remains a current partner.

Jeritt Tucker (’09, Philosophy) came into SEG during the latter half of 2007. During this time, he assisted in the incorporation of SEG as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Additionally, Jeritt was primarily interested in extending SEG’s commitment to the local community, raising awareness within and collecting donations from local businesses.

Greg Hudson (’09, Political Science) joined SEG in the fall of 2007, shortly after the club started. In 2008, he spearheaded the Gumball Capital Challenge Project, a popular fundraiser that SEG still holds each semester. The project entails providing small amounts of capital for students to invest in mini business ventures, and the profits go back to SEG for loans. Now, Greg works for Epic Systems, helping the company install their software at hospital sites.

Liles Repp (’10, Economics and Political Science) catalyzed SEG’s transition from student organization to non-profit and helped develop many of SEG’s founding organizational documents. After graduating, he served as a Peace Corps Voluneer in Kanye Botswana working as a District Aids Coordinator. Upon returning to the US, he plans to attend law school, with the intent to work in the field of public interest law.

Bianca Silva (’11, Spanish and Global Development Studies) was actively involved in all areas of SEG during her time with the organization. From 2008-2009, she served as treasurer. She was the liaison for Cecosprocaes, and also did a summer internship with CPCPV, two of SEG’s international partnerships in Nicaragua. During her senior year, she was part of the Emergency Loans Committee and also served as co-managing director. Now, Bianca teaches English abroad.

April Mohler (’11, History and Education) became an active member of SEG in the Spring of 2008. Over the course of her involvement, April gave multiple presentations to college and community groups about SEG’s projects and participated in a variety of other fundraising, education, and community outreach efforts, including drafting fundraiser letters. April served on a number of sub-committees, most notably the 501(c)3 and Emergency Loans sub-committees, which did the
legwork necessary for SEG to achieve official non-profit status and designed and administered a local loans program. Additionally, April served as a co-managing director of SEG in 2010.

Joe Maloney (’12, Economics) used his economics and finance expertise to help SEG with fundraising and starting the Entrepreneurial Loans Program. He also helped establish the summer internship. Joe now works in investment banking.

Kyle Walters (’12, German and Political Science) became involved in SEG in the Spring of 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. He directed the Emergency Loans Project for 2011-2012, and, along with Grace Philipp ’12, wrote the application to get SEG a trip to the White House.

Caitlin Deutsch (’12, Art) managed the Emergency Loans Project from 2009-2010. She also played a major role in developing the Entrepreneurial Loans Project.

Grace Philipp (’12, Psychology and Neuroscience) was directed International Loans from 2011-2012 and also served as the liaison for CPC since 2008. She was also involved in organizational development and fundraising. During 2011, she served as SEG’s co-managing director, went to Nicaragua to visit SEG’s international partners, and managed to get SEG to the White House!

Michael Goldfien (’12, International Relations) helped launch the Emergency Loans program in spring of 2010 and served as the SEG summer intern that year. He worked with a lawyer to draft a contract for Emergency Loans, developed budget sheets with MICA, a local social service organization, and began organizing SEG’s finances.

Kajari Ghosh (’12, Economics) was one of the leaders in getting SEG’s newest project, Entrepreneurial Loans, off of the ground. She also was a member of Emergency Loans.

Gabe Schechter (’12) became involved in SEG in during his first semester at Grinnell College. He served as a co-treasurer from 2009-2010, helping to grow and standardize the group’s fundraising techniques. He also led the media management subcommittee and served as the SEG summer intern for 2011.